Gang Jun, the president of the association, was born in year 1969, May 27th in Seoul Korea.
During the 5th grade, at age 10, he entered the Japanese martial art called Pal Kwang Ryu Yu Sul, led by his fathers guidance.

At that time, he studied martial art under Grand Master Ki Taek Lee who was a good friend of Gang Juns father.
Pal Kwang Ryu Yu Sul was called Hakkoryu Jujutsu in Japan and was taught in Korean style to the students
instead of Japanese style Yu Sul.

Gang trained Pal Kwang Ryu Yu Sul about four years when he was in middle school (at age 14).
Later, he spent times as a Ju Do player and then becomes a master in Hap Ki Do. He also falls into modern martial arts such as
Kick Boxing, Kyuk Tu Gi, and etc.

Later, he also trained in Judo, Hapkido, Geumdo (Kendo), Taekwondo, Kyuktoogi, Teuk Gong Moo Sul, Taekkyon among other Korean and Japanese martial arts. He studied various theories between traditional martial arts and combat style. After he distinguished the difference between the traditional style and combat style, he established Gong Kwon Yu Sul in 1996, and he spent 2 years to build the system of techniques. In 1998, his martial art was officially called Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

His enthusiasm for learning martial arts never declined. He has devoted his life to martial arts. He even majored in Tae Kwon Do at HSD University
Before Grand Master Gang Jun opened his own institution, he loved to teach many instructors since he became a master in Hap Ki Do.
Many Korean martial artists were stick to tradition styles, so his senior or junior members did not show interest in his new theories
and techniques.
But, he believed that, one day the world will acknowledge his unique martial art styles.
Korean traditional martial arts had a weak point and that are they only focused on kicking instead of sparring.
Throughout his Judo experience, he discovered that Yu Sul techniques are very efficient in actual fighting. So,
he thought it would be a great idea if a school offers striking, kicking, and grappling techniques all at once.
However, he could not find any places like that in Korea.

Then, he began to wonder about the realities of life, and he started to study his own unique techniques of martial art theories. He
was 16 years old (in 1958).
He wanted to pursue a system of techniques that is not sports, but traditional martial arts that is effective in actual fighting.
He thought that it would be very important to keep both current techniques and traditional theories and concepts.
In 1996, he opened his own school Combat Style Hap Ki Do as a school slogan, and he taught his style of martial art to his students.
His unique techniques shocked many people.
Yet, many Korean have tried these techniques, and many people thought his styles were street fighting.
Nevertheless, those who were trained under him could feel his theoretical, martial artistic and traditional techniques.
Many students from Grand Master Gang Jun, suggested him to name his martial arts as Gang Jun style of new
system. Later, Grand Master Gang Jun accepted their request and found a name Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

There was an interesting episode about the name of Gong Kwon Yu Sul and the logo.

Grand Master Gang Jun began to spend many times to think of Gong Kwon Yu Sul logo.
He started to ponder about the logo so that it could look good and beautiful, and how to deliver the message about the meanings of
Gong Kwon Yu Sul through the logo. But, this was very difficult to do it.
Grand Master Gang Jun loved to do Korean Tradition pole and line fishing.
The pole and line fishing is, you sit around the edges of the pond or river and you tie up some preys with a string on the long bamboo
looking stick, and you catch the fish.
This type of fishing is very traditional in Asia.
It would be impossible to catch a fish if there were no fishes around, therefore you need to wait long period of time.
During spring time, he went out to reservoir near his house to do the pole and line fishing.
  It was very sunny and breezy day.
Right after he returned home from fishing at late night, he fell into deep sleep and began to dream.
In his dream, he sees himself doing fishing same exactly what he did during the day at the same place.
Then, he finds an old white haired man sitting beside him and doing fishing with him. The old man was very gentle, and later Grand Master Gang Jun begins to chat with him about him having hard time naming his martial art.
After listening to his story, the old man hands over a piece of red paper to Grand Master Gang Jun. Right after he opens the paper, he awoke from his dream.

He saw a clock, and the hour hand was pointing at 3.
He was half awake. He began to jot down the message that he got from the old man in his dream. Then, he fell into sleep again.
He wakes up in early in the morning, and sees a memo on the table that he wrote during the dawn.
It was either a strange Chinese character or an ancient character with a big circle as he never seen this before.
He begins to search to find the meaning of this character. However, a person who knows Chinese character very well, says that this character does
not exist. That means this character does not exist on the earth.
He put Gong Kwon Yu Sul inside the circle instead of the unknown character.
In his dream, the circle was drawn with black color, but he picked red color to give significant meaning of circle.

Therefore, the name of Gong Kwon Yu Sul was established with its logo.
Gong Kwon Yu Sul became publicly well know after Grand Master Gang Jun published a book called How to win every fight in 1999.
This particular book was totally different style of self-defense book compare to any other self-defense text books that were sold in book
stores. This book was based on Grand Master Gang Juns actual fighting experience.
The new style of his martial art books caused a great sensation towards public and his next book The Best Fighter also became a
best seller.

Later on, Grand Master Gang Jun published many different books to spread Gong Kwon Yu Sul. Through his seminar and special
training, he gave opportunities to share his martial art to many different martial artist.
During that time, he had been doing so many video filming and seminars. Then, he devoted himself to complete the techniques of
Gong Kwon Yu Sul and its systems. Finally, he became famous after many different martial artists responded toward his theories.
Afterward, people from different places are asking him for a seminar.
The techniques of Gong Kwon Yu Sul and its program were not roused suddenly, but through long period of research and study.
The techniques of Gong Kwon Yu Sul and its programs are still in process and developing.
Now, Grand Master Gang Jun is speaking.

Gong Kwon Yu Sul is a new martial art! Therefore, the Gong Kwon Yu Sul will grow and develop unlimitedly. Any errors in techniques
or programs are fixable at any time. And this is the benefit of it. This is the only benefit that you can find in Gong Kwon Yu Sul.
Dont you think this is one of the fascinating martial art?

Within 10 or 20 years from now, our descendants will live in different environment with different background and may have different
physical condition. Therefore, I insist that they may modify the Gong Kwon Yu Sul programs and techniques to their condition.

Grand Master Gang Jun had a wish that martial art should not limited in teaching to only particular people, but also to all ages and genders.
Specially, Gong Kwon Yu Sul is very flexible in learning and training in order to have fun and enjoyable class.

1. We have made a program for men and women of all ages. Children program and Adult program are distinguished and men and women
programs are also separated.

2. First, all trainers will be aware of excitement during the class and we will continue to develop programs that bring interest to students. Our program is made to give all students to feel an urge to learn the next techniques right after they learned one technique. Therefore, only 4th degree black belt or higher can train the Poom Se (Form) and they can practice individually. Later, they may train with others to bring out the unique and revolutionary forms. Beginners will train Bon to keep their interests in learning. This Bon is combination techniques that require two or more people
to practice together, and this program gives more curiosity to students so that they do not get bored.

3. This is 0% injury program. In order to learn actual fighting skills, it is required to do sparring, but many people forfeit in the middle
of training or show difficult time in signing up for the program because of injuries they have to face. Therefore, we made a system
that can reduce injuries but improve techniques. That is a Manner Sparring and One Step Sparring.

4. Students may enjoy their martial art training as playing golf or skiing, but they have to think much importance of courtesy. The difference between sports and martial arts is that martial arts have courtesy in training. However, you could only find a courtesy inside the theory of martial arts.

You must follow these 3 school regulations
1. Respect towards national flags.
2. Respect towards Masters.
3. Respect towards others.

When all the programs that are stated above become accomplished, Grand Master Gang Jun wants to have Gong Kwon Yu Sul to
become worldwide martial art.

-Here is one of Grand Masters interviews with some journalist from some newspaper publishing company.

Q. Gong Kwon Yu Sul became active after couple years ago. (Its been only couple years that Gong Kwon Yu Su started to be active)
A. Nowadays, Gong Kwon Yu Sul became well known martial art to many people with making many manias.
Nevertheless, numerous schools have been opened within short period of time.

Q.In order to do all these, there should be some difficult times. So, how do you feel when you think about your past?
A. It is impossible for me to establish Gong Kwon Yu Sul by myself.
It is a process of cooperating with our family from Gong Kwon Yu Sul.
I am not just a group of people who try to improve the Gong Kwon Yu Sul. I thought that we need a spokesman to represent our martial art, so I took that position. How could I establish Gong Kwon Yu Sul by myself without any support?

Still now, branch officers from each city and many masters are working so hard for our association and future scholars to lighten up our Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

In old days, school master and I performed demonstration for public relation (P.R), but now there is systematic and well trained demonstration team who can perform a lot better.

My heart gets filled with emotion when I see the demonstration.

I feel so happy when I see my students get better than I am. Therefore, this kind of process will continue to help in developing a better system to Gong Kwon Yu Sul.

Years ago, when a young martial artist found the Gong Kwon Yu Sul, there were some well experienced martial artists who shared and acknowledged my martial art theory.
This is enough reason for me to show greatest respect towards them.
Now, Gong Kwon Yu Sul is growing rapidly, and it deserved it. However, I do not doubt that this will grow nationwide and worldwide. It is because Oneness of Gong Kwo
n Yu Sul brings the idea that everyone is the owner of Gong Kwon Yu Sul.